Updating task sequences with a new boot image

We do our best to centralize on one single boot image. WinPE has alot of functionality so we try to bake as much in as we can. Encryption utilities? In the boot image. Diag utilities? In the boot image. So on and so forth. Because of this mindset, not often do we update our boot images.

Well, earlier this week we had to update our boot image because of a self-signed certificate expiring related to 1E PXE Lite. Everything went smooth, got the new boot image rolled out but forgot one very important change. The boot image referenced by the task sequences! We have a few dozen task sequences, so I need a fix quick! Ofcourse PowerShell came to save the day. I was able to get it in a one-liner!

Thank you once again PowerShell for saving me so much work, and fixing an issue quicker than I could have ever hoped for!

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