Task Sequences types in Software Center – OSD or Application?

A question comes up on TechNet every now and then about how to get a task sequence to show up as an Application task sequence instead of an Operating System task sequence.


If your task sequence shows as Operating System you get this end of the world prompt asking you to confirm.


This is not necessarily a bad prompt, but can be disruptive to a user if they see it, so alot of ConfigMgr admins would prefer to remove it. Especially if they are not actually deploying an OS.

This prompt is actually dependant on the type of task sequence you have, which in turn is based off the content of your task sequence. This information is populated in the SMS_TaskSequencePackage class.


I could not find any documentation around what steps define a Type 1 or Type 2 task sequence but a user on TechNet, Mikko, had a short list. Thanks Mikko!

  • General – Join Domain or Workgroup
  • General – Restart Computer (Only “The boot image assigned to this task sequence” option)
  • Disks – Format and Partition Disk
  • User State – Request State Store
  • User State – Release State Store
  • Images – Apply Operating System Image
  • Images – Setup Windows and ConfigMgr

So if you are using any of the above steps, you will get the OS Deployment prompt, simply remove those from your task sequence and it will no longer prompt.


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