Task Sequence stuck ‘Installing’ in Software Center – RESOLVED!

Edit: The issue has actually been resolved for us! Check the TechNet post below.

Microsoft has confirmed this is a bug! We have tested on over a dozen machines and setting the dependency of CCMexec on SMSTSMgr has fixed every single one! Basically the CCMExec service has to start before the SMSTSMgr service can.

Our SEE will be filing a bug to be fixed in a later version. Try it out everyone and see if it works for you!

Thanks to MikePalmer for a quick PowerShell script to add the dependency!

Script –  https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Fix-for-Software-Center-b16a6076

Compliance Script – https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Add-SMSTSMGR-Service-7524d468


My first official post with actual content!

Today I am posting about an issue that I have started to see crop up with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 (no CUs). I have not seen it yet with packages or applications but a few times now with deploying task sequences inside the OS.


Basically the deployment downloads, installs, and reports back success but when you open up Software Center on the client it still shows ‘Installing’.


At first, I attempted a handful of fixes to no avail:

  • Deleted the client DDR in the console to remove the deployment
  • Uninstalled ConfigMgr client and reinstalled
  • Reset WMI repository using Client Center for Configuration Manager 2012
  • Checked Maintenance Windows

After a little more research I started researching the WMI classes on the client for the evaluation state. I found the class for CCM_Program but the MSDN article doesnt have any info around the evaluation state, only the CCM_SoftwareUpdate article does. But this gave me enough info to start playing around.

CCM_Program class – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj155390.aspx

CCM_SoftwareUpdate – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj155451.aspx

I got in there and browsed around with PowerShell and came up with the following command:

This appears to list all deployments, and I put a filter to only show any that were not in the state 1 or ‘Available’. This gave me the below results:


Note that the task sequence that is stuck has an evaluation state of 14. According to the MSDN article this is ciJobStateWaitServiceWindow. I am not sure if this is an accurate state as this is from CCM_SoftwareUpdate, not CCM_Program but it definitely tells me the state is incorrect.

Given all my troubleshooting above, my last steps to resolve the issue were to delete the CCM WMI repository and repair the client. I did this again with Client Center for Config Mgr 2012. You can find these options under Install/Repair.








I am not sure what causes the Software Center to hangup on the status of the deployment, but this method resolved the issue for me!

20 thoughts on “Task Sequence stuck ‘Installing’ in Software Center – RESOLVED!

  1. Jim Parris

    Sweet! That’s the solution we’ll be using at my work!

  2. Chris Brucker

    I can confirm that this is still an issue in 2012 R2 CU1. We have had 20-30 clients that present with this issue. I wish that there was a better workaround.

  3. Very helpful, many thanks.

  4. Rob

    Check how many total task sequences you have deployed to the machine, even if just made available. I was able to resolve this issue by removing the machines from collections with other task sequence deployments. Then deleting and recreating the deployment you intended. I also found it useful to increment the TS name so it doesn’t just pick up where it left off.

    • Thanks Lewis, that is a common issue, but not the same as mentioned above. The “stuck installing” issue is after the content had successfully downloaded.

  5. Kalebh

    Hi, I’m new to the whole WIndows world as I’m usually working in Linux. I’m was able to run the first script, but I am confused as to what I should do with the compliance script. I extracted the cab file and I see there is a .resx and a .xml file. Are these configuration files for a command I’m supposed to run. I know it’s probably simple, I’m just not quite sure. Thanks!

  6. Cyprian Wyatt

    Better way:

    Fix it: $c=(gwmi -Namespace root\ccm\SoftMgmtAgent -Class CCM_TSExecutionRequest -Filter “State = ‘Completed’ And CompletionState = ‘Failure'”); if ($c) {$c.Delete(); Restart-Service ccmexec -force}

    Check it: gwmi -Namespace root\ccm\ClientSDK -Class CCM_Program | SELECT PackageID,FullName,EvaluationState | WHERE {$_.EvaluationState -ne 1}

  7. Matt Wreede

    FYI; this configuration of the service does ‘break’ the Upgrade Task Sequence, as the Upgrade Task Sequence itself will ‘stop’ the ccmexec service during the upgrade, which then causes the Task Sequence to bomb out due to an error. Just be aware of that. You can safely add a step to ‘flip it back to not being a dependency’ during the OSD, as the CCM client will be offline and not processing CIs during that time period.

    • Hmm, upgrade task sequence for Win10 I assume?

      • Matt Wreede

        Correct. The version to version upgrades ‘stops’ the ccmexec service before running the setup.exe /whatever stuff, and in doing so the Task Sequence Manager service will yell and fail the sequence.

  8. […] a result, I searched up the following link http://www.potentengineer.com/task-sequence-stuck-installing-in-software-center/ that explains I have to run the following powershell script for the Software Center to complete the […]

  9. Bigbluee

    My installation also stuck on Installing and never finished. It is because SMSTSMGR has started after ccmexec. The resolution was …. START SMSTSMGR service. (It was in stopped state). After I started service, it took 5 seconds to finish Task sequence correctly, exit it and continue installing other apps in Software Center. Try It

  10. Wim

    We are having the same problem on some servers and I see that the Tasksequence service tries to start before the SMS agent host service and fails, but on servers without this problem, the same happens. The Tasksequence service starts successfully BEFORE the SMS agent host service starts.
    Could it be that by putting the dependency, we are just delaying the start of the Tasksequence service and therefor it is not failing anymore? Perhaps another unknown dependency is there…

    • Could be. We haven’t seen the issue in our environment much after applying the dependency. Definitely makes sense though.

  11. Flo

    this worked for me, thanks!

  12. Emile Risberg

    I realise this is an old post but I am desperately to try and find a solution to this problem.

    We are deploying a Windows 1909 IUP which consists of a Pre-Cache TS which tattoos the registry and then moves the client to a new collection which has an app advertised to run the actual IUP (which references another TS).

    I have followed Martin Bengtssons excellent guides to do this

    The problem we are experiencing is that on about 10% of the clients the Pre-Cache TS is stuck in “installing” state despite the fact that it has managed to carried out all the steps int the TS (downloaded OS + packages etc) and tattooed the registry and moved the client to the IUP collection.

    I have read the suggestions above but unfortunatley they have not helped, If I run the Get-wmiobject command on a client in this state as explained in this post nothing is returned. I have also read https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/e382da34-079c-4619-8fdb-e5e44c436857/software-center-show-application-stuck-at-installing

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and have any suggestions? I have tried reparing the client which has not helped (I don´t think I’ve ever managed to repair a corrupt CM client tbh). From what I´ve read it seems to be a WMI issue and we need a silver bullet to fix these clients once we understand what the issue is.

    I have also setup Anders Rødland ConfigMgr Client Health solution in our enironment hoping it would point us int the right direction but the faulty clients do not report any errors.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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