OSD – Using ServiceUI.exe to open IE interactively with parameters

Generally, I do my best to not have to rely on content within the task sequence. If this means I need to run a short script, I do not create a package, I use a Run Command Line and stuff the entire thing into PowerShell seperated by semi-colons.

This allows me to make changes on the fly, and only policy updates are needed, I never have to update DPs or worry about the content not being there.

I had a recent request to open a web page that every technician must view before the OSD build would complete. I am using ConfigMgr with MDT integrated so I knew I could use ServiceUI.exe, but the difficult part was getting IE to open. On top of that I wanted it to take up the full screen so I needed kiosk mode.

At first, I tried getting the quote and double-quote combination to work, like this:

This would open IE at the end of the build, but the URL was malformed and would have the URL of the website, but the space inside the IE path was causing part of the path to getting added as well. The result was something like this:

I explored single quotes, double quotes, PowerShell, and a few other methods and then I realized, why do I need to use the space? Why not use the short path?!

Eureka! This worked, it loaded the page full screen in kiosk mode and pulled in the Computer Name from the %OSDComputerName% task sequence variable.

At the end of the day we never did implement this.  The task sequence would never complete while this screen was up, but this was definitely a fun little experiment.

2 thoughts on “OSD – Using ServiceUI.exe to open IE interactively with parameters

  1. BBud

    Why not use the -nowait switch?

    • That depends on your use case. Do you want it to wait for the browser to close and hold up the TS or not? In our case, we did not, the page we loaded had to be acknowledged by the technician before continuing.

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