OOBEEULA error during Network pass of OOBE

We recently started working on our Windows 10 1809 build & capture. The B&C was successful, but upon boot up we could not complete the Out of Box Experience. During the Network phase, we would come to the below error.

Something went wrong

But you can try again.


If you like to watch the spinny circle, you can click Try again. No luck though.

Another fun fact! There is very little information about this error online. One hit was all I could find at the time of my issue.

So what do you do with any sysprep issues? Check the logs! Time to jump into c:\windows\panther\UnattendGC\setupact.log.

The end of the log presents quite a few different errors, but nothing gives any indication of the root cause. Some network errors yes, but I already know it is failing at the Network pass.

Next try? Let’s look for all errors in the log. Using the handy-dandy CMtrace.exe we filter on , error since the Panther logs do not use the exact formatting CMtrace is looking for. We cannot just filter on the Source field.

Hmm, so it seems to be trying to get some updates from Windows Update, but not sure which.

At this point we opened a case with Microsoft, worked with a pretty amazing engineer, and found two settings in our B&C that were preventing OOBE from contacting Windows Update to look for updates during this step.

We had added these settings just a few weeks before to help prevent Feature Upgrades from being installed on some of our VM templates. This was at the guidance of Microsoft, but none the less, was causing this issue. We disabled these two steps in our B&C, re-ran it, and upon boot up successfully made it passed the OOBEEULA error. Good times.

3 thoughts on “OOBEEULA error during Network pass of OOBE

  1. Lucas

    I’m having the same error but I installed Windows from the ISO file. I don’t have System Center Configuration Manager.
    Installed W10 1903, installed the drivers and programs, updated, Sysprepped and this is what I got.

    WU shows no errors as I’m connected to the network fine and the machine was already updated right before SysPrep, so I get OobeFeatureUpdateStatus_UpdateNotFound in place of OobeFeatureUpdateStatus_ScanFailed

    • Are you building an image? If so, you should definitely not be installing any drivers. What is your end goal?

  2. Djedail


    I think this can help people who are looking for a solution regarding this problem…
    When the error “OOBEEULA” is displayed, do the following:

    – Open a command prompt with Shift+F10
    – Open registry editor: regedit
    – Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\OOBE
    – Add a DWORD value named “SetupDisplayedEula” with the data “1”
    – Press “retry” on the OOBE screen… and the EULA step is passed. 😉

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