Introduction to the ConfigMgr Servicing Extension

Microsoft recently released the BETA version of the Configuration Manager Servicing Extension to the ConfigMgr Console. It is available to download via Connect.

I have really enjoyed the recently little ‘add-ons’ and utilities Microsoft has been releasing for ConfigMgr. Support Center being the first, and now the Servicing Extension.




The installation is just an .msi, so you can deploy this to your existing console’s if you would like, very easy to deploy.

After installing it, it actually took me a few minutes to realize where it installed. I thought this might be a stand-alone utility just like Support Center. After scouring my C:\ drive, I realized it was a console extension for the ConfigMgr console.

You can see some of the install files here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage

Accessing the Site Servicing node


Open your ConfigMgr console and browse to Administration -> Overview -> Site Servicing.


There are five sections with different bits of information in each.

Site Servicing

The Site Servicing node has a nice dashboard view by default that lists recent releases and recent blogs. Basically a summary view of the other pieces of the extension.


Site Updates

Site updates lists recent cumulative updates, patches, and hotfixes for ConfigMgr. You can choose from a dropdown to select your product.



Site Versions

Site Versions gives you a brief overview of your central, primary, and secondary sites and their product level and CU level.


Client Targeting

Client Targeting is probably the most useful feature for this extension, as it will actually build a query for you to use for reporting or to reference when making a collection to deploy against. Just pick your product and click Create Query on the right!


You are then prompted with the creator, and can choose how you want your query to be built.


Click Create Query and you get a nice confirmation prompt with the Query ID for reference.


Finally go find the query in the Query node and its ready to be ran! A very cool feature!



The blogs feature is a fully detailed view similar to the Site Servicing summarized view. You can choose the blog from the drop down and get a full list of the last 25 posts from the last year.



All in all this is a very welcome add-on, saves a few RSS feeds in my Outlook, and personally I like it. Its a neat utility that I am happy to see for ConfigMgr. Enjoy!

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