DaRT delayed load in ConfigMgr task sequence – Use Toolkit Package

We use 1E NomadBranch so our builds spend almost an hour in WinPE (pre-caching content) before booting into Windows. There are not many steps but sometimes there can be failures and we cannot always rely on the logs to be properly saved using SLSHARE.

DaRT can be very useful here to allow remote access to WinPE. See Johan’s post to get it setup:


We added this functionality into our new MDT Boot Image this week but for some reason DaRT was not loading when the task sequence kicked off. We never got the minimized window at the bottom right. At first we thought we might have missed a step. Did we setup everything properly? What could be wrong?

After about an hour into the build, we saw DaRT for a short while before the machine rebooted into Windows. Why the delay?

DaRT functionality is provided by MDT and is not native to ConfigMgr and you must update your MDT Toolkit package to get the functionality. So we checked our task sequence and found the issue. We were pre-staging the content before actually running the Use Toolkit Package step.

We moved the step to before the Pre-Stage content for Nomad step and DaRT loaded up as soon as the task sequence started! Problem Solved!

4 thoughts on “DaRT delayed load in ConfigMgr task sequence – Use Toolkit Package

  1. Jon

    Doesn’t this mean the Use Toolkit Package task will download the content via CM instead of Nomad? That’s not a big deal if you are on a fast link but it would take a bit of time over a T1 or less.

    • It would but you could easily get around that by adding another Prestage step for the Toolkit before you run it, essentially just breaking apart your Prestage step.

  2. Jim Bezdan


    You could add in a separate pre-stage step just after the Install Nomad in WinPE that only has the MDT and what is required to get DART up and running. Then put a Save Nomad step and insure that you have the Run from DP step prior to running the those components. You can then remove them from the other pre-stage step. This will allow it to pull from a peer versus coming over the WAN. Contact me and we can discuss it.

    • Thanks Jim, we will probably do that. I hadn’t thought about the possible content coming over the WAN.

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