ConfigMgr Status messages missing properties and descriptions?

I had a small console issue for just under a year and this past week I found the embarrassingly obvious option to fix it. Have you ever had the following issue when viewing status messages in the Status Message Viewer?

StatusMessage1Notice the blank parts where you would normally see the server name and the component name? Pretty important details if you ask me, and annoying as all get out when troubleshooting. I had to resort to reading the logs or running SQL queries for even the most minute issue if I usually went to the status messages.

I was looking at a status message last week, and happen to actually open it instead of hovering to see the description. I couldn’t believe what I saw in theĀ Properties section.

No strings are displayed when the “Resolve Property Strings” option is turned off. To turn it back on, choose “Options…” from the “View” menu and select the “General” tab.


Take note, the Options it is referencing is accessible from the Status Message View, not the console itself. So you actually have to open the viewer to get the View menu.

Two check boxes in the options. Check both of these and everything is back in order!

  • Resolve description strings
  • Resolve property strings


Such a simple fix that was overlooked for far too long. Always remember to scour all your console options!


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