CMPivot – Using file wildcards

Did you know that you can search for files in CMPivot?

Did you also know that you can perform wildcard file searches with CMPivot?

An interesting post on the /r/SCCM subreddit sent me down the path of testing it out. I tested this in my lab running SCCM 1906.

It works great, just use an asterisk * to perform the wildcard.

Fast moving software is great!

3 thoughts on “CMPivot – Using file wildcards

  1. Thanks Potent Engineer! I was look for the wild card and you found it. I immediatly applied this knowledge to get info I was looking for. And this is how.

    The wild card also works in mid path for a folder name.
    With oneDrive for Business enabled by Group Policy a folder called ‘OneDrive – Widget’ where ‘Widget’ is your company name, created under the users profile folder.

    This wild card shows all users on a machine who have this folder indicating OneDrive for Business group policy has applied.

    File(‘C:\Users\*\OneDrive – )

    • John Delise

      It seems the post truncated the example query, after the dash you put your computer name, if you have one drive for business running on any machine, just look for the folder and you will see the correct folder name, other wise the Azure Tenant info should have it if you a have access to

      • Ha, that’s interesting John, I have ran the exact query in the last few weeks! A very powerful tool, thanks for sharing!

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