Calculating the average size of all package types in ConfigMgr

A question came up on the myITforum mssms email list this morning about the average package and application size of everyone’s ConfigMgr environment.

I look at the package size data all the time in the console, so I knew it was buried in SQL somewhere, I just had to find it. Low and behold v_PackageStatusRootSummarizer had what I needed, SourceSize represented in KB.

I threw that together in a quick SQL query and created a quick way to gather the average size of all your package types!

and the results!

Type Number Type Name Avg size in MB Count
0 Package 105 803
3 Driver Package 315 25
4 Task Sequene 0 46
5 Software Update Group 639 12
8 Application 277 205
257 OS image 7546 5
258 Boot image 304 3

4 thoughts on “Calculating the average size of all package types in ConfigMgr

  1. Very cool. I wrote a script recently that gets the total package size/s for any package or group of packages you choose, for any package type:

  2. Sergey Korotkov

    PackageType = 259 – “OS Upgrade Package”

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