Build & Capture: The file exists – Error 80070050

Recently I was doing a build & capture on my Hyper-V VM and came across this error during the capture task in WinPE.

Some searching online didn’t find much, a lot of Windows Update issues, but nothing related to OSD or capturing a .wim file.

Time to dig in. At first I was thinking it was having issues saving to the network share. Perhaps a network issue? Perhaps the account being used had expired or had a password issue? I had just used this same VM a few weeks ago and had no issues on any B&Cs.

I ran a few tests, different accounts, different network locations and still got this File already exists error. This lead me to believe it was the VM.

I asked the experts on the mssms distribution list at and Jason Sandys mentioned that 80070050 is actually a disk space issue!

I checked the VM and the disk drive being used was a dynamically expanding drive. It showed as having enough disk space on the next test, WinPE even showed a full 60GB disk but it was still getting the error. I removed the disk and created a new fixed disk and the capture went off without issue! I must have changed it at some point, being my primary test VM it is no surprise.

Thanks to the wealth of knowledge from the folks another issue is resolved.

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